Meet Gwendolyn Farmer!

Gwendolyn Farmer has enjoyed watching lots of children grow and succeed during their years at Ida Barbour. Mrs. Farmer is very experienced in her field and an important asset to Ida Barbour.
Before joining Ida Barbour Early Learning Center nine years ago, she was working at Appletree Early Learning Center. Appletree Early Learning Center is a facility for children throughout Hampton Roads with various locations. Within her two-year tenure, Gwendolyn developed numerous skills as a teacher to bring to Ida Barbour. Today, Mrs. Farmer is dedicated with all her heart to our children. If you ask her why she loves her profession, she will tell you, to watch the kids grow by facilitating their learning with her help is her greatest joy. To share those happy moments with them when they succeed makes her happy and proud. Often it doesn’t feel like work for Gwendolyn to go through the daily routine at Ida Barbour. She states:

“I enjoy the culture of Ida Barbour as we are truly a close knit family. Also, I am an advocate of our curriculum that focuses on interactive learning.”

Ida Barbour Early Learning Center is a close, relatively small community with ability to grow. Ibelc will go far. In the current setting there is a focus on community. The children know each other and the staff. Life long bonds can be formed – a second family, a safe place.

With newest approaches like interactive learning, which Mrs. Farmer pointed out, the facility definitely is up-to-date and competitive. Interactive learning is hands-on training involving all senses, hearing, seeing, doing…. Plainly memorizing information is outdated and likely to be boring for the student. With interactive learning, the student is in the spotlight, not the teacher, who supports, guides and motivates instead of lecturing and preaching about even simple daily tasks, like handwashing and tying shoes. Ida Barbour encourages Imagination, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Mrs. Farmer herself is a 60-year resident of Portsmouth where most of her students also grow up. She knows the area and sure knows where to go and what to do here. This is beneficial for students and their families who she’s able to be on hand with help and advice in many aspects of their lives.
Mrs. Farmer feels she is in the right spot for work and so does her team!

Thank you Mrs. Farmer for your dedication and loyalty at Ibelc!

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