Theresa Roseborough, IBELC Center Director, ensures children receive the highest quality care in an supportive educational setting. Under Ms. Roseborough’s direction, the IBELC team of teachers creates an atmosphere that radiates the energy of excitement for learning while providing the love and nurturing each child requires.

Children Learn While Playing

IBELC Teachers add to the children’s play by gently asking strategic questions to their conversations to stimulate cognitive thinking, brain growth and development. IBELC teachers are dedicated to teaching, guiding and directing young children awakening each child’s curiosity.

Full Day Learning/Care

Theresa Roseborough and the IBELC teachers understand that these are the most precious years for a child. It has been determined that 80% of brain development occurs from birth to age three. Children enter the Pre-Kindergarten programs now offered in public schools properly prepared with the age-appropriate skills developed. Additional instruction is usually not required for children who have been enrolled consistently with us for at least two years prior to entering the 4-year-old pre-kindergarten program.

IBELC Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp program gives children the opportunity to go on exciting field trips across Hampton Roads. Each year’s summer camp theme takes children on an exciting adventure to places such as the Children’s Museum of Virginia (, Portsmouth City Park and the Norfolk Zoo. Children take these opportunities to expand their knowledge and explore their environment. They also enjoy onsite outdoor activities including pony rides and petting zoos. IBELC children also enjoy art enrichment including visits from various artists of Tidewater Arts Outreach.

Before & After School Learning/Care

Learning environments for before and after school are available for children up to age seven and are designed to reinforce, supplement and compliment in-school activities and learning. Although we stress social development, the before and after school program is not day care — it is first and foremost a learning and development program.

Nourishing Meals

Day care children receive a nutritious USDA approved breakfast, lunch and a snack served family style. This type of meal service allows teachers and children to eat together, creating a relaxed, conversational environment. This is also an excellent method for children to develop good eating habits and social skills.

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