Professional Child Care Centers Verses Care at Home

Being ready for school contributes greatly to a child’s ability to succeed academically and socially, in school and in later life. It requires physical and emotional well-being, motor development, a positive approach to new experiences, social and language skills, cognitive skills and knowledge in general.  A child’s readiness for school is impacted by many things, including home life, health, and their social environment.

At a licensed child care center, multiple employees are available to interact with and teach children, and they are there for a single purpose. They are professional caregivers and educators. Their only job is to care for and teach the children at the center, which is a different environment than being home with Mommy or Grandma, alone, where it may be tempting to have the TV or laptop as their only guide and “teacher.”

So many people view child care just as a babysitting solution for kids whose parents work. But it is SO much more than that.  It is important for children to be around other children to start developing normal social skills.  Kids thrive in child care centers, being surrounded by activity, other children, and people of all ages. Teaching kids the coping skills of dealing with new environments and people is important long before kindergarten.  Appropriate ways to behave around others is more easily grasped, and with the guidance and supervision of caregivers and educators in a professional environment, problems of many kinds (social, physical, emotional, health related, etc.) can be noted and resolved early.

It’s interesting how children learn from each other, not just from adults. Speech moves along more quickly, (potty training, too!) and there is a great improvement in confidence.

Routine and structure are important to learning. In a child care center like Ida Barbour, it is more likely your child will have an educationally enriched curriculum that encourages literacy, language development, social and emotional development, as well as age appropriate learning of math, science, and other disciplines.

Have you ever received a frantic call from a relative or other caregiver that they can’t take your child the next morning? Parents who work are either left at the last minute with what to tell their boss if they cannot be at work when they need to stay home. In a child care center, should a teacher become ill, there is always a substitute who will fill in who already knows your child.

There are advantages to staying home with your child. Every child is different and every family has a different situation. At some point, however, we highly recommend having children in a structured learning environment before they go to kindergarten.

The mission of the Ida Barbour Early Learning Center is to prepare each child for success in school, community, and life. The Ida Barbour Early Learning Center enhances the life chances for all children and their families by providing care in a safe, nurturing, and highly enriching environment.

Space is available for your child or a child you may know who is not in a learning environment right now.  We believe “Your child’s success begins here.”

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