Invest In IBELC

You Can Help Us Ensure Life-Long Learning

Upon entering the learning atmosphere of IBELC, your philanthropic heart will immediately connect with the IBELC family of children, teachers and parents. You will know immediately that you have made a wise investment.

The IBELC Board of Directors is focused to generate continuous funding for this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The generous and long-term investment into IBELC from individuals like you and organizations both locally in the city of Portsmouth, the Hampton Roads, VA area and nationally together provides the financial stream required to run a quality and efficient early childhood program. Local and global investment into IBELC children will create a local and global return on investment that benefits the local and global community. IBELC alumni are located around the world, living as successful citizens and giving back their gifts to their communities.

An investment in IBELC is an investment in our children — and that is one of the best investments you will ever make. By investing in IBELC, you ensure we can recruit and retain quality, seasoned professionals. This also stabilizes the one of the most important relationships in a child’s development outside of parents and family. You will reap an unlimited rate of return on your investment each year as a child goes out successfully and masters life skills to the best of their ability.

Researchers have concluded that young children enrolled in pre-school programs usually:

  • Graduate from high school Attend college
  • Have fewer behavioral problems
  • DO NOT become involved with crime in their adolescent and young adult years

Make Your Investment Today

Click the Donation button below, or – Make your check payable to Ida Barbour ELC and mail to: P.O. Box 255, 431 Crawford Parkway, Portsmouth, VA 23704-9997

Any donation is appreciated.  If you are interested in donating supplies or other items, please see our WISH LIST!

Join “Friends of Ida Barbour ELC”

We are currently in the process of creating “Friends of Ida Barbour”, a network of donors and volunteers who are interested in seeing our center thrive and expand. Making a contribution to “Friends of Ida Barbour” is an excellent way to become more involved with our organization.  “Friends of Ida Barbour” will receive a quarterly newsletter providing updates on our recent accomplishments and milestones, as well as information on any upcoming events.  If you are interested, please complete this “Friends of Ida Barbour ELC” contact form.


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